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  • Summer Newsletter 2016

    What's New? -Integrated Review- The new two year old integrated Health and Education review have started here at the nursery. This replaces the two year old review you would have previously had at clinic. All children between the age of two and two and a half will be invited to take part. We now have our own designated Health Visitor, Nicky Birkby and link professional, Vicky Smith. If any parents, with children of all ages, would like to discuss any issues i.e. sleeping, feeding, behavior this can be arranged though our SENCO Janet Beaman.
  • Summer Newsletter 2015

    There will be a number of staff changes within the nursery as the new term approaches. These changes are required to accommodate the needs of the children within our care. A letter with full details of the changes will be sent out and all parents/guardians will be informed if this means a change of key worker for your child. If you have any concerns as a result of this please speak to a member of our team.
  • Spring Newsletter 2014

    As you have may have noticed we have had a move around here at the nursery as a result of the new conservatory being completed. What was once our Baby room is now the Tiny Tots room for children ranging from 18-36 months. After some deliberation it was decided that the tiny tots children would benefit most, utilizing the new space that has been created.
  • Summer Newsletter 2014

    What's New? Our New Mini Bus - BEEP BEEP!!! We have invested in a brand spanking new mini bus so we can take our adventures further afield. Both children and staff are very excited and our first trip has been arranged for some of the pre-school children to go to Chester Zoo!
  • Autumn / Winter Newsletter 2014

    OFSTED As many of you know we had our routine OFSTED inspection in October and were award a 'very good good' in the words of the inspector. We are very pleased with the report as a whole as it is very positive. Copies will be made available to you, we would urge you to read the full report and invite you to discuss any aspects with our staff.