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SEND Action Plan and Procedure

1. Senco to discuss individual child's circumstances prior to settling if possible with parents. Gather background information about the child, the family and agencies involved (if any). Recognise and appreciate the wishes and aspirations of the child and parents and keep them at the centre of all discussions.

2. Senco to make contact with other agencies where appropriate for support and advise. Introduction of the setting offer and parents made aware of Wirral’s Local offer with regards to SEND. This is so parents are aware of the level of support they can expect from the setting and the local authority.

3. Initial paper work to be completed without the child being present (if possible).

4. Senco to set out a clear plan of action to be followed by all practitioners. Introduction of Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP), Person Centred Plan (PCP) and and/or an Additional Support Plan (ASP) as appropriate.

5. Key person introduced to child and family.

6. Settling in arrangements made and dates set (dates, times and length of settling need to be flexible).

7. Child to start settling, parents/carer to stay to support child at this time. Room to be set up with stimulating activities which the child enjoys (from prior discussion with parents)

8. Initial settling sessions to be kept short and increased as child becomes more comfortable. Parents/carers to leave the child for short periods, becoming longer once settled.

9. Once parents/carers feel comfortable and child is settled enough, parents can leave child for part of the session. If this is a success a started date will be arranged.

10. Once the child has started it is very important for parents/carers to keep key person, senco and nursery manager updated on the child's condition. This is so amendments can be made to any paper work and all staff working alongside the child can be informed and are able to support the child and family.

11. Senco/key person will keep parents/carers informed of their child's progress by regular verbal discussions/review meetings and written feedback.

12. If after an initial period of time and after discussions between parents/carers, key person and senco we decide a referral is required to another professional or agency for advice and support, parents/carers will have to give their written consent before the referral can be initiated. At each stage of this process parent/carers will be involved in the discussions and planning of any additional support offered.

We assure you that we will work in partnership with you so as a setting we support you as a family to find the best possible outcomes for your child.  



Initial Assessment of SEND




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