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Ash House Holiday Club

Our Holiday Club will run from 8:00am - 6:00pm for £26.00 per day.

All school aged children are welcome to our holiday club, subject to advanced booking and availability. The cost will include all meals and most of the activities, there may be a small charge for special activities such as organised days out. You will be advised in advance of any further costs which are optional. We do not offer half days session as this retricts our activities. Please see below for February Half Terms itinerary. 

Ash Hosue Holiday Club Dates

·         October half term 2018- Monday 22nd October 2018 - Friday 26th October 2018

·         Open for holiday club Wednesday 2nd to Friday 4th January 2019

·         February half term 2019- Monday 18th February- 22nd February 2019

·         Spring break 2019- Monday 1st April- Friday 12th April 2019

·         May half term 2019- Monday 27th- Friday 31st May 2019

·         Summer holidays 2019-Thursday 25th July- Friday 30th August 2019

·         October half term 2019-Monday 28th October- Friday 1st November 2019

If you require any further information, please speak to Christine Taylor or Tori Taylor on 0151 639 0202 or e-mail tori@ashhousedaynursery.co.uk.

Ash House Holiday Club - Spring Break 

Monday 1st April - Friday 12th April 2019


Monday 1st April


Wirral Country Park & Games


Tuesday 2nd April



Theme Day- Harry Potter


Wednesday 3rd April


Sports Day


Thursday 4th April


Trip to Delamere Forest


Friday 5th April


Tatton Park (£4 Additional)




Monday 8th April


Cinema Trip (£2.50 Additional)


Tuesday 9th April



Trip to the Museum


Wednesday 10th April


Chef School


Thursday 11th April



Trip to Loggerheads


Friday 12th April


Crazy Experiments Day

For any further enquiries/questions please contact Tori via email or telephone

Email- tori@ashhousedaynursery.co.uk




Latest News

World Book Day 2021

We know that the children all love reading stories here nursery and would love to celebrate world book day together. World Book Day is Thursday the 4th March 2021, we are inviting the children to dress up as a character or to wear their pjs to nursery on this date, also if they would like to and bring in their favourite book to nursery for us to read together.



Update 2nd March 2021



Ash House Nursery launches wellbeing programme!